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Salesforce Cloud Bridge Program

Helping companies and their people bridge the Salesforce talent gap to achieve their business goals.

How will you manage the Talent Gap that is impacted by the explosive growth of the Salesforce economy?

According to this study, there will be 9.3M new Salesforce jobs created globally by 2026, 2M of which will be in North America. We are here to help you take advantage of this massive opportunity.


Professional Development.

As the gap between demand & supply for skills continues to grow, we help students, recent graduates and those individuals looking to expand their skillset enter and advance in the Cloud Computing workforce as experts and embark on a truly amazing career journey.

Jeff Sponseller, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Miller Weldmaster

"I now have insights into my sales that I didn't know I needed, but now I can't do without. They exposed me to best practices in use by other sales executives. I now manage my sales forecast with increased accuracy, consistency and accountability - with less stress and surprises at month/quarter end! Accelerate Business Consulting has delivered a WOW factor I could not have predicted."


Accelerate Business Consulting has been an outstanding business partner. Very customer oriented and able to rapidly, efficiently understand business issues. Most impressive is their sense of urgency. They are able to eliminate roadblocks and get the job done expeditiously.

- Jud W.


At Accelerate Business Consulting they have a positive energy and a 'can-do' attitude that keeps project teams motivated and moving toward success. They are highly effective communicators and manage all the moving parts of a complex project with a calm confidence.

- Brian F.


Need to Hire a Salesforce Certified Consultant?

When you need extra help to meet project deadlines, we can supply Salesforce certified consultants focused on delivering big results and meeting technical outcomes.


Want to Boost Revenue?
Buy a Jumpstart.

We can help you to use cloud technology solutions to streamline your marketing, sales and finance processes with proven results.


Want to Become a Salesforce Certified Consultant?

Through our accelerated online training program, we thoroughly prepare and help to place Salesforce-certified cloud computing consultants in exciting careers.

We help you boost revenue.

Are you spending too much time on the monotony of pushing simple transactions through your business life cycle of lead to cash? We are here to help.

We can help you to use cloud technology solutions to streamline your marketing, sales and finance processes with proven results.


At Accelerate Business Consulting

We advise clients on how to leverage cloud technology and automation to optimize marketing, sales and service processes for significant revenue and customer experience lifts - all at lower cost and effort.


Marketing and Sales Systems

We live in a new world, and a better way to sell. Where field sales sells only on mobile devices. And inside sales is fed nothing less than the best leads. It’s sales managers knowing which deals will close. And when. A world where lead and contact information is always fresh and complete. And everyone performs like an “A” player.

Allow one of our Sales Consultants to ramp up your revenue!


Customer Service Systems

Build customer loyalty. Increase first call resolution and agent productivity. Improve customer satisfaction. All while delivering fast customer service from anywhere.

Allow one of our Service Consultants to streamline your support case workflow and turn your customers into raving fans!


Finance Systems

Streamline your Finance processes by implementing automated systems to link sales and contracts to payments easily and collect payments electronically.

Allow one of our Electronic Payment Specialist Consultants to streamline your electronic payment processing and turn your accounting and finance professionals into happy campers!


Business Process Optimization

Reach more qualified prospects. Capture leads in a consolidated central location. Qualify leads to attack only the highest quality leads. Create follow up reminders so no high quality lead falls through the cracks.  Provide your sales reps with only the information they need to optimize their time and effort, and boost your revenue in the process.

Allow one of our Lean Six Sigma Certified Consultants to analyze and streamline your business processes and turn your employees into company evangelists!

Are you interested in hiring a consultant?

Get in touch today. Expect a reply within one business day.

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