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Need to Hire a Salesforce Consultant?

Our Salesforce Cloud Bridge Program helps companies and their people bridge the Salesforce talent gap to achieve business goals.


Salesforce Administration

A certified Salesforce Administrator when you need them.


Trusted Expertise

Each of our Salesforce Administrators is a graduate of our exhaustive bootcamp:
1) Salesforce Certified Administrator
2) Accelerate Certified Consultant 


The Power of Our Network of Experts

Each of our Salesforce Administrators has
access to our entire network of Salesforce
experts, to help solve complex problems.


Need Salesforce Administration expertise? We can help!

We built the Cloud Bridge program to offer Salesforce Administration expertise from a Salesforce Certified Administrator as a named resource, ready to meet your needs. If you find yourself behind the eight ball on
project deadlines, have recently lost Salesforce skills due to attrition, or just need extra help, we can usually start with as little as 1 day’s notice (ask us for consultant availability).

We are happy to fill both short-term and long-term needs.

Services Available

  • Salesforce Administration

  • User Management

  • Sandbox Creation / Maintenance

  • Application Support

  • Salesforce Value Assessment/Optimization

  • Forecasting Jump Start

  • Executive Dashboard Jump Start

  • Territory Management Jump Start

Our Salesforce Administration Expertise Includes:

  • Account/Sales/Case Teams

  • Answer Settings

  • Approval Processes

  • Auto-Lead Assignment

  • Auto-response Rules

  • Business Hours

  • Chatter Feed Settings (org-wide)

  • Chatter Groups

  • Custom Fields

  • Inactive Picklist Values*

  • Custom Objects

  • Classic Email Templates

  • Entitlements & Milestones

  • Escalation Rules

  • Field Accessibility

  • Fiscal Year

  • Forecast Hierarchy

  • Formula Fields

  • Ideas Settings

  • IP Ranges

  • Kanban

  • List Views

  • Page Layouts

  • Password Policies

  • Path Lightning

  • Permission Sets

  • Portal/Community Users

  • Pricebooks

  • Process Builder

  • Profiles

  • Public Groups

  • Queues

  • Quote Templates

  • Record Types

  •  Roles

  • Search Settings

  • Session Settings

  • Sharing Rules

  • Standard Objects

  • Territory Hierarchy

  • Territory Rules

  • User Territory Assignments

  • Users

  • Validation Rules

  • Workflows Rules/Tasks/Alerts

  • Reports

  •  Dashboards

  • Custom Report Types

  • Folder Sharing

Are you interested in hiring a consultant?

Get in touch today. Expect a reply within one business day.

Hire Consultant Form


501 Florida Central Parkway, #520123

Longwood, FL 32712

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